thesis proofreading Ireland

Thesis Proofreading Ireland

It’s that time of the year for students. You can see the finish line, but have one final hurdle: the dissertation. Read this blog to decide if our Thesis Proofreading Ireland service is for you.

Thesis Proofreading Ireland

Writing a dissertation or thesis can be very stressful. It is probably the largest body of writing that you have faced in your student life. It can be daunting: vast reading and research, and then condensing that work into a concise document, with a clear line of argument across multiple chapters.


It is extremely tiring, especially towards the end. At this point you must think about the referencing, bibliography, table of contents, appendices and a range of other elements. When all loose ends are tied up and you are happy, it is sent for binding. There is no turning back at this point. This is the document that is sent for grading, and will eventually take its place as a hard copy in the University library. Read more

International students in Ireland

International Students in Ireland


International students in Ireland

Answer the following questions to determine if our service is for you:

  • Are you an international student studying in Ireland?
  • Are you finding it difficult to complete university assignments?
  • Do you have the subject knowledge, but find that writing in English is the problem?
  • Are you struggling with English grammar?
  • Do you translate from your native language and choose the wrong words?
  • Do your lecturers find it hard to understand what you are writing?
  • Are you receiving poor grades?
  • Are your Irish classmates getting better grades than you?
  • Do you wish to write with better English and improve your grades?

Irish universities and colleges offer high quality educational courses including higher diplomas, degrees, master’s programmes, PHDs and research opportunities across a wide range of subjects and disciplines. Ireland is at the forefront of European and indeed worldwide education, and is an attractive place to live, study and work.

The Problem

Unfortunately, most leading education providers do not offer specific classes to help students with English as a second language. Tutors and lecturers do not have the time or requisite skills and expertise to help students struggling with English on an individual basis. Of course international students in Ireland can enrol in courses at private language schools. These courses are extremely expensive, however, and with already high course fees at third level institutions, these costs are prohibitive for international students in Ireland. As a result, many students, while knowledgeable in their subject areas, are at a disadvantage to native English speakers. It is disheartening to receive poor grades for one reason only: a lack of competency in the English language.

The Solution

Scribo can bridge this gap. We offer tailored and affordable services to international students in Ireland that suit specific and individual needs. Our ESL proofreading and editing services will significantly improve English writing skills of students, and improve grades in the process. We can help with assignments, essays, theses and dissertations and have expertise that covers a wide range of subjects and disciplines.

Find out more about our ESL proofreading & editing service, and how we help international students here:

Contact us today with your specific requirements, if you have any questions or just for a chat. We would love to hear from you, and guarantee that we can help with any problem that you have related to your studies.

academic reading tips

Academic Reading Tips

This is an introductory guide to a component of academic research. It might be useful to a student making the difficult transition from second level to third level education; to a mature student returning to education, or to focus any student about to begin an academic assignment.

While the thrust of these posts concerns academic writing, a large portion of completing an academic assignment involves research; sourcing and reading relevant material. Read more

sentence construction

Sentence Construction


This brief post identifies a common mistake made by students when writing academic assignments. It concerns the incorrect use of the comma in sentence construction.

Let’s get the technical, grammatical jargon out of the way. Run-on sentences and comma splices indicate compound sentences that are not punctuated correctly. A run-on sentence has at least two parts; two or more independent clauses that have been joined together incorrectly. A comma splice denotes when these  distinct sentences are joined together by a comma.  Some definite rules can be followed when writing sentences, in order to avoid punctuation errors:

Read more

The Perfect Paragraph

I am going to talk about a specific component of composition. Just as every essay has a beginning (introduction), middle (main body) and end (conclusion), every paragraph should also follow this structure. Read on to learn how to write the perfect paragraph.

A paragraph is a collection of sentences that all relate to one central topic.

Before writing, you must decide what topic you will address. Otherwise, the paragraph will lack focus and unity. Work out the main ideas and issues relating to the topic. Arrange these points into a logical order that will develop your argument in a coherent and structured way.

Rule 1: Keep one topic to each paragraph – Each paragraph should deal with a specific point or a set of related points. Paragraphs are steps in the writer’s line of argument. A new paragraph signifies to the reader that a new step in the development of the subject has been reached.

Rule 2: Begin and end the paragraph with reference to the main topic – This allows the reader to discover quickly the purpose of the paragraph, and keep it in mind when the paragraph ends.

The 3 steps

A. Write the topic sentence – this is usually the first sentence of the paragraph that outlines the main idea / thesis.

B. Explain / develop the topic – every other sentence should support the topic sentence and provide further detail relating to the topic. The main body can include facts, statistics, reference to appropriate studies and literature; any relevant material that supports your argument.

C. emphasise the main point /importance of the topic – the concluding sentence should tie everything together and reiterate the main point of your topic sentence. You can also include a transitional sentence that leads to the next topic or paragraph.

How do you know when to begin a new paragraph? If you begin to discuss a new idea, then move on to a new paragraph. I cannot emphasise this enough; a paragraph should never contain more than one central idea.

Keep these simple rules in mind when structuring your essay. Map out your intended structure before you begin writing. When finished look back over it to see if each paragraph adheres to this format. Each paragraph is a step in the development of your central argument. Writing in this manner will ensure that your line of argument holds throughout, and that the reader can clearly follow.

Academic writing tips

Writing an academic essay: Is it a science, a skill or competency, or a creative endeavour? I contend that it is a mixture of all three.

In academia (like science) certain rules must be obeyed, while specific guidelines must be adhered to.
One can master the skill of academic writing, with practice.
There is also room for creative expression and the development of an individual writing style.

It is not unlike learning to play the guitar. You must learn the chords first, practice, and then apply your own style. It is not that complex. Our services provide academic writing solutions to individual problems.

In this section, we will provide writing tips in relation to common problems identified by academics and students alike. A lot of the literature and experts in the area overcomplicate the process and, ironically demonstrate unclear and verbose writing. We wish to simplify and aid students already grappling with complexity.

Each week we will provide academic writing tips and resources that aid students master the science and art of academic writing. Our posts and articles will predominantly address the following areas:


Perfecting and combining each element of this academic writing mix will ensure that an academic essay is clear, concise and readable. Grades will be improved.