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Thesis Proofreading Ireland

It’s that time of the year for students. You can see the finish line, but have one final hurdle: the dissertation. Read this blog to decide if our Thesis Proofreading Ireland service is for you. Thesis Proofreading Ireland Writing a dissertation or thesis can be very stressful. It is probably the largest body of writing […]

International Students in Ireland

  International students in Ireland Answer the following questions to determine if our service is for you: Are you an international student studying in Ireland? Are you finding it difficult to complete university assignments? Do you have the subject knowledge, but find that writing in English is the problem? Are you struggling with English grammar? […]

Academic Reading Tips

This is an introductory guide to a component of academic research. It might be useful to a student making the difficult transition from second level to third level education; to a mature student returning to education, or to focus any student about to begin an academic assignment. While the thrust of these posts concerns academic […]

Sentence Construction

  This brief post identifies a common mistake made by students when writing academic assignments. It concerns the incorrect use of the comma in sentence construction. Let’s get the technical, grammatical jargon out of the way. Run-on sentences and comma splices indicate compound sentences that are not punctuated correctly. A run-on sentence has at least two […]

The Perfect Paragraph

I am going to talk about a specific component of composition. Just as every essay has a beginning (introduction), middle (main body) and end (conclusion), every paragraph should also follow this structure. Read on to learn how to write the perfect paragraph. A paragraph is a collection of sentences that all relate to one central […]

Academic writing tips

Writing an academic essay: Is it a science, a skill or competency, or a creative endeavour? I contend that it is a mixture of all three. In academia (like science) certain rules must be obeyed, while specific guidelines must be adhered to. One can master the skill of academic writing, with practice. There is also […]