Academic writing tips

Writing an academic essay: Is it a science, a skill or competency, or a creative endeavour? I contend that it is a mixture of all three.

In academia (like science) certain rules must be obeyed, while specific guidelines must be adhered to.
One can master the skill of academic writing, with practice.
There is also room for creative expression and the development of an individual writing style.

It is not unlike learning to play the guitar. You must learn the chords first, practice, and then apply your own style. It is not that complex. Our services provide academic writing solutions to individual problems.

In this section, we will provide writing tips in relation to common problems identified by academics and students alike. A lot of the literature and experts in the area overcomplicate the process and, ironically demonstrate unclear and verbose writing. We wish to simplify and aid students already grappling with complexity.

Each week we will provide academic writing tips and resources that aid students master the science and art of academic writing. Our posts and articles will predominantly address the following areas:


Perfecting and combining each element of this academic writing mix will ensure that an academic essay is clear, concise and readable. Grades will be improved.